Representative: Iris Helén Nikolaisen | Designer and founder

WAYAWAYA carries a collection of classic & contemporary luxury accessories that are travel & safari friendly. Whether it’s one unit or a thousand, you can rely on us to fulfil orders in a timely manner, with our dependable quality in each and every stitch.

What do we offer?

1. Travel collection

WAYAWAYA’S travel collection is an echo of the voice for both the novice traveller and the explorer enthusiast alike. With a range of travel focused products ranging from large overnight bags to passport holders. These make the perfect gifting options for either individual loved ones or large groups.

2. Bespoke goods

Have a design in mind? Our expertise can guide you through the rocky terrain of developing an idea into a finished product. We want our customers to carry pieces that are an expression of their personalities and reflect their unique characters. So we are putting the customer back in control. come and create your own custom piece of WAYAWAYA. 

3. At location experience
Add a fun African twist to any event with the addition of our traditional chitenge headwraps and sashes. These bright and colourful accessories are made from locally sourced materials and add an exciting African flare to any occasion. For local events the WAYAWAYA team will assist with demonstrations and help guests be dressed in their vibrant chitenge attire. 

4. CSR program
With internal experience ranging from health to education we can offer sustainable management and implementation of your CSR project. We can ensure that your CSR program has the greatest impact on the local community and ensure that programs are both sustainable and beneficial to the community. Previous programs have included skills training, entrepreneurship support and development, peer to peer training and new mother packs for rural maternity wards.

5. Workshop tour

A visit to the WAYAWAYA workshop offers an exclusive insiders access behind the scenes of this socially conscious brand. A chance to meet the feisty WAYAWAYA women, hear their story and see the work & dedication that goes into each and every stitch. Learn how each object is handcrafted & the techniques that take it from an idea on paper to a buffed and polished product out on display.

With the opportunity to shop the WAYAWAYA range or get involved in creating your own unique piece of WAYAWAYA – this is a shopping, cultural and learning experience not to be missed.