Africa's Eden Travel Show

November, 2022

Photo Credit: Chobe Game Lodge

Welcome to Africa’s Eden

Africa's Eden has its heart in Southern Africa. It is the expansive wildlife area shared between Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia. A place of unparalleled biodiversity and magnificent landscapes, hosting numerous mammal, bird, reptile and plant species, just waiting to be the backdrop to your unforgettable holiday experience. Come and immerse yourself in the world-class wilderness, wildlife and outdoor adventure area of Africa's Eden.

Travel Trade Show Kasane, Botswana

A country of stunning beauty, never-ending horizons, low-impact tourism, and abundant wildlife make Botswana unforgettable

We invite you to learn about our beautiful destinations, attractions, accommodations and more through our in-destination Travel Trade Show.

Taking place in Kasane, Botswana from November 25-28, 2022, the Africa’s Eden Travel Trade Show is a conference featuring destination partners from across Botswana, Zambia, Namibia and Zimbabwe and tour operators and travel buyers from all over the world.

Registration includes the following:

  • 20-minute one-on-one buyer/supplier appointments (meetings will be scheduled prior to show dates)
  • Participants choice of who to meet with
  • Networking and entertainment opportunities
  • Hosted post-tour itinerary
Africas Eden regional map


All times listed are in GMT +2
Event Dates:
Friday, 25 November - Tuesday, 29 November, 2022

25 November:  Destination Workshops/Opening Event

26 November:  Meeting Day 1/ Africa’s Eden Congress

27 November - Meeting Day 2/ B4T Expo

28 November - Meeting Day 3/ Closing Event

29 November - Departure or Post Tour