Representative: Tessa Bell | Co-Founder

The Pack is a community of independently owned, authentic, interesting, and individual camps collaborating together whilst retaining the unique look, feel, and guest experiences of each camp. By working together under The Pack banner, we offer easy access to Botswana’s mid-range properties. Your guests seeking an authentic Botswana experience will appreciate our owner-run properties. These properties prioritize local and cultural experiences, offer independent schedules and camp styles, and support small businesses for a truly meaningful stay.

The Pack properties cater to a diverse range of preferences and budgets in Botswana's mid-range market. We carefully select each property based on its location, level of camp offering, and guest experience to maintain our community’s integrity and ensure that each property complements the others perfectly.

Our Pack Members are:
Xaoo Safari Camp – Southern Okavango
Mogogelo Camp – greater Moremi area
Camp Khwai – Khwai concession
Jackalberry Chobe – Chobe Riverfront, Kasane
Wildtrack Safaris Eco Lodge – Kazuma Pan, Chobe