Representative: Caterina Ferazzini | General Manager

`The eye does not forget what the heart has seen.“ African proverb.
Konkamoya, meaning “follow the wind” in the local language, Nyanja, is a place where the wonders of nature come together and invigorate the senses and the soul.
A symphony of animals and birds carried on the wind blowing through the bush and across the plains, combined with an intense kaleidoscope of colours from sunrise to sunset and into the night.
Your experience will be emotive and intense – leaving you with wanderlust for more.
Four luxurious tents furnished in a fusion african-italian style able to accommodate up to 8 Guests only. A purposely small number of explorers with a passion for Nature who will be lead on a voyage of discovery into the African Bush.
Our food at Konkamoya blends local and international flavours and uses the very best seasonal ingredients. Our kitchen, recently completely rebuilt, with large preparation areas for delicious focaccia, handmade pasta and bread and of course decadent desserts, is, like any Italian home, an epicentre.
From here our Chefs and kitchen Team will delight your taste buds with great meals and snacks – taking into consideration any specific dietary requirements you might have. You can definitely count on an Italian influence to the culinary experience at Konkamoya, which now, following the building of our wood burning oven, might even include traditional thin crust pizza.
At Konkamoya, providing an authentic experience of the wild is what we are about!
From the lodge you will be able to see herds of elephants ambling past majestically, and large groups of antelopes grazing close-by.
Game drives are one of the best ways to get close to the wonders of the animal world and our drives are led by experienced and highly qualified Guides in comfortable open 4×4 vehicles.
When night falls adventures don’t stop! Our Guides will drive you deep into the bush to attempt to catch a rare sighting of the aardvark, one of Africa’s most curious and elusive creatures. Primetime to see aardvark is between 22:00hrs and 01:00hrs when they come out of their burrows to dig for termites, and with a 90% success rate for spotting these wonderful creatures, Konkamoya is the place to capture this little bit of animal magic. (A minimum of a 3-night stay is required to join the Aardvark Expedition).