Green Safaris

Representative: Bronwyn Smith | Business Development Manager

Green Safaris is driven by a passion to preserve the most pristine areas of African nature and to share this passion by offering unique experiences and intimate encounters in the most beautiful and remote locations. We carefully handpicked each destination in Zambia and Malawi where we operate our premier camps. No mass-tourism, but intimate adventures curated by our local teams in order to tell the special story of each place, and in order to nurture each vital ecosystem for generations to come. In each unspoilt wilderness where we have chosen to operate, our aim is to facilitate joyous, unique experiences, and to enable our guests to discover the true meaning of Travel with Purpose. Every member of our team across multiple properties is fully committed to four missions to give back to the place we call home: Conserving Our Environment, Protecting Our Wildlife, Empowering Our People, and Exceeding Guest Expectations.