Representative: Alejandra Ramírez Martin del Camp |

We are ÛNIK, the coolest and most innovative boutique travel agency based in Mexico and highly specialized in Africa. We are passionate, open-minded, early adopters, constantly innovating & searching for new tools, technology, experiences & destinations to “WOW our well-traveled high-end clients. We craft each journey, with the support of our super-valued partners based in each country, and we sell it to the final consumer as well as to other Mexican travel agencies that use us as “white label operators” for their African products. We are committed to honesty, authenticity, and originality. We believe in the power of travel to empower people, and communities and generate change. We are travelers. We are dreamers, nomads, adventurers, explorers… We respect the planet, and it is our passion to send responsible clients to explore the fascinating African continent.

“ÛNIK is the most specialized Mexican travel agency selling and promoting the African continent. We invest lots of time & resources to stay up to date, meet new local partners, strengthen relations with old industry friends and explore new regions. We are obsessed with Africa! “