Cameron Neill

Representative: Cameron Neill |

The Explorer Society is for like-minded travellers looking to explore some of the most amazing destinations in the world. We offer tailormade holidays and private tours for explorers seeking authentic experiences around the world, including Africa, the Middle East, South America and Antarctica. We always look for new destinations or new ways to explore existing destinations and can be as exploratory in our product line as our travellers are with their travel interests. We are passionate about avoiding the crowds and manufactured experiences. We prefer the real, the raw and the revealing. We believe in travel as a force for good, both providing opportunities for remote communities and also building larger communities around learning, cultural understanding and shared experience. We believe in sustainability and the future of what travel could be. After all, exploration isn’t simply grand feats of polar or naval navigation but at its core is simply travelling through an unfamiliar place in order to learn about it.

“We are attending the AE Travel Show to further develop our range of exploratory experiences across Africa.”