Representative: Dona De Leenheer |

 Africadona is a Belgian tour operator creating the genuine Taylor Made trip to Sub Sahara Africa (West, East and Southern Africa).Clients have different expectations, tastes, budgets, interests. For that reason we start from the clients’ wishes and not from an existing program.

We offer over 30 year of Africa expertise, have a high product and destination knowledge and are proud of having done more than 150 trips to Sub Sahara Africa.Every trip is a fresh, beautiful new creation. We are very selective in the choice of our local ground operators and we have only chosen the best. We are in search of small ground operators who match our way of thinking and working.We have many returning clients, go for zero default and we succeed well thanks to our unique handcrafted way of working.

“The region covered by AE Travel Show is changing extremely fast and I am glad I can be part of it to learn more about all the new properties. And of course to reconnect with colleagues from all over the world!”